Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Respect You" - Morning Song!

Lyrics by the Camp Our Time Staff to the tune of "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green.

"Respect You"

I see you walking' round camp with your Our Time Tee
and I just, respect you (hoo hoo hoo)

We're takin' time just to listen, to what y'all are sayin'
We respect you, y'all respect us too

And to all the mosquitos that been biting Nahzim
Ha, now ain’t that some shhhh (swat yourself)
So learn your lesson from our campers if you want respect
You bettah respect us too.

And that bacteria in Sebastian’s earia
Ain’t no need to be living in there
Laura hurt her Tosey thinking she was Kobe
Respect the game and the basketballs won’t care.

Swim in the pool but don’t leave nothing behind
I’m talking bout the liquid kind
Don’t be cruel and show us all some respect
Yeah, go run and tell your little counselor

And we see Cooper riding horseback at the Camp Our Time
Child, we respect you (hoo hoo hoo)
And to all of you showing us just how you move
We respect you, we really do.

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riki said...

HA HA HA - that just made my morning!!!!