Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 2: Fun in the Sun!


Kate Popovich said...

Beautiful job on the pictures camera person!!... The rope class seemed really cool and what a powerful lesson!!
The pool looked like a lot of fun time too!!
It's REALLY wonderful and sooo comforting for me to see EVERYONE SO HAPPY!!!
Love to you all!
P.S Can someone please tell me How do we e mail? ~Kate P.

Michele said...

Hi Kate, The email address is Put the boys name as the subject. See Ya Saturday.

riki said...

There is such a feeling of peace & contentment in these pictures. Everyone looks great!!!

Jace Alexander said...

Everyone looks happy and awesome!
thanks for the pix Leigh.
keep 'em coming!
Love & Peace
Jace & Maddie

Anji said...

So many new faces......lots of familiar faces.....all with the same expression......SMILES! SMILES! SMILES!

Kate Popovich said...

~Thanks for address!!~
Have a great day friends and campers!!

Mahtowin said...

Thank you so much, Leigh, for posting these wonderful pictures!